I added 1 model to unity and the whole game slowed down

I spent a long time making this player model for Unity(it’s my first game) and after doing the animation and everything, I add it to Unity and it takes a bit to load after I drag and drop it, which isn’t strange since all of my models have done this.

What is strange is how when I try to drag the model into the scene to position it, Unity itself becomes painfully slow and I have never seen it slow down in al the time I’ve worked on it and I’ve got a few character models, a few buildings, some large islands and a couple of trees.

Again I don’t think the model is complex or has that many vertices but I would really like to know if anyone else has experienced this and how to fix it.

Due to copyright reasons, I cannot upload any part of the game but if anyone needs screenshots of any settings or anything, I can do that.

Okay I feel pretty stupid for not checking this but if you used bevel curves for the hair and convert it to mesh, make sure to delete the left over bevel curves(not the mesh itself) and it makes Unity run a lot faster :slight_smile: