i am creating my new script when i got this error : Assets/player(36,23): The name 'Character Motor' does not denote a valid type ('not found'). Did you mean 'Unity Engine. Character Joint'?

this is my script below and someone please help me :

//Fall Rate
var health Fall Rate : int = 150;
var hunger Fall Rate : int = 150;
var thirst Fall Rate : int = 100;
var stamina Fall Rate : int = 35;

private var ch Motor : Character Motor;
private var controller : Character Controller;

var can Jump : boo lean = false;

var jump Timer : float = 0.7;

Class names can’t have spaces in them, and your code is littered with them. Fix this with:

private var chMotor : CharacterMotor; 
private var controller : CharacterController;

etc. etc.