I am having an odd warning on animation state

Greetings all,
I am having an odd warning, I am getting:

Generic Animator [badguy] has a human
AnimationClip [1h_bladeup_idle] that
cannot be applied on non-human

I have a model made in blender and all animations are also made in blender in the same file. I am using an animation state engine. My model has a humanoid avatar and it is the only model using the animations. I thought that I could figure this one out but so far I have found nothing useful, though I do not seem to have great control of google. I get this this warning 2 or 3 dozen times, as I have lots of animations. I can play the game with these warnings but I was hoping there was a way to resolve it. Does anyone have any ideas?

I never used mecanim but you need to setup your avatar as an humanoid avatar which you clearly don’t have :slight_smile: