I am learning game development on unity from unity tutorials.

I am learning unity game development.
I am right now on the tanks project.
Shell Creation:
link:(Unity Connect)

I tried a lot but the tank is not moving due to the shell. I tried a lot. I also copied the same code script as provided by unity … but it does not work.

Double check it. It can be something as small as a Capital letter in the wrong spot. Or it’s obsolete.

Best answer I can give is try again, and again and again and try to do everything as they show you in the tutorial, the answers are there. Try to understand what each line of the code does and read Unity scripting reference and you will figure it out.

You can also add your code here, tell us what is the problem and what kind of errors you might have. Maybe a screenshot of your tank and shell setup and someone could give you a solution, and in best case they can explain why it did not work.