I am looking for a Water shader or material that works in Unity Polyspatial and Vision pro

I have a 3D environment with a water shader or material, but when I ported the project to Vision Pro in mixed reality mode, the water shader was not rendering properly.

I know it might be difficult to fix the shader, which is why I am asking if there is any standard water shader out there that can work with Unity Polyspatial and Vision Pro.

visionOS does not support depth texture. I guess why your shader fails. If you have option to disable foam/depth effects, disable them and give it a try.

Thank you for the advice. I also want to ask if you have any recommended water shaders you use. That might be easier to for me to adopt for my project.

No problem. I created my own water shader with shader graph but it is low poly style. Unfortunately, I have no idea which water shader is suitable for visionOS.

That is the major issue. Most shaders just do not work in Vision Pro. It is unfortunate. But it will be nice if you share with me your shaderGraph water. Maybe I can try it and see the result.

Thank you very much