I am making a fishing game but i can't solve that fishies will die

I have a script on my player the Ontriggerenter so if i collide with a fish he destroys but if there is more than 1 fish in the game he just finds that one look i want to set every fish’s collider and renderer enabled but its just one fish here’s my script:

function Update () {

//show clone 1
//to do!!!!
//only visje clone
GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)").renderer.enabled = true;
GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)").collider.enabled = true;
GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)").transform.tag = "Visje";
if(GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)").transform.tag == "Untagged"){

GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)").transform.tag == "Visje";

Please help i am just 14 years old.

ps: I am dutch so i can have some spelling mistakes.

First let me just say: I’m also 14, high five! And also, that should let you down at all. Now, what I think you should do is make a variable of the number of fishes (visjel? Yay I’m learning Dutch ) then, make a script for your fishes in which it finds the player with the script, and finds the griot itself but specifically the one attached to the player (GameObject.Find(“PlayerObjectNameWithQuotes”).GetComponent()) so for example, assuming the object with the player script is called PlayerObject and the fishies are called Visjel, and that the player script is called PlayerScript:

public PlayerScript Script;

void Start () {

Then put an ontriggerenter void and inside put " Script.AmountOfFishes+=1; " and I the next line put " Destroy(gameObject); "

thanks i have got it my script is now:

f(GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)" || GameObject.Find("visje2(Clone)") || GameObject.Find("visje3(Clone)"))){

GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)").renderer.enabled = true;
GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)").collider.enabled = true;
GameObject.Find("visje1(Clone)").transform.name = "visje1(Clone)1";
GameObject.Find("visje2(Clone)").renderer.enabled = true;
GameObject.Find("visje2(Clone)").collider.enabled = true;
GameObject.Find("visje2(Clone)").transform.name = "visje2(Clone)1";
GameObject.Find("visje3(Clone)").renderer.enabled = true;
GameObject.Find("visje3(Clone)").collider.enabled = true;
GameObject.Find("visje3(Clone)").transform.name = "visje3(Clone)1";

Case closed