I am new here were should i start

Hiya i just brought unity but i don't know were to start making a 3rd person game and how can u help me please


Search here and on the Unity forums for 'tutorial', and you should find some good references. Also check the 'resources' section on the Unity site. I'm not sure off the top of my head what the status of the tutorial projects is with respect to the current version of Unity, but there's a couple of tutorial projects there that might be useful (including a 3rd-person platform game).

Also, check out the demo project that comes with Unity. It's a 3rd-person simulation, and should cover a lot of what you'd need to know to develop a 3rd-person game.

If you have specific questions or need help with anything in particular, you can ask here or on the forums.

I used this website a lot when I was starting.

To be honest, the stock tutorials supplied by Unity are quite difficult to understand. They have scripting techniques that are hard to grasp and are overwhelming for first time users.


The above link is to a .pdf tutorial about scripting. It's the most basic introduction to scripting in Unity. It helped me get a handle on javascript and Unity in general and got me to where I am today.

TornadoTwins. That is where i started.


If you are new that is a really good place to start.

Hiya everyone u have all helped me loads i hope to see u all in the future and see me projects

Thanks Everyone