i am new in unity, i am making a game where it is required to move a object in certain fix point with scaling(initial it is 0 and finally it become 1) it mean both moving and scaling are done together ,please help me

You can easily do this by creating Animation Clip for the gameobject. The way to do this is very simple,

  1. Select your gameobject
  2. In Unity3d Menu
  3. Click On Window
  4. Click on Animation
  5. Create A New Animation Clip
  6. Add Curves for Both position as well as Scale as well as Position Component of Transform.
  7. Create KeyFrames and just simply change the value of Scale And Position Component of Transform to your desired values

If you want the video tutorial to follow, then this is a very easy video tutorial from Will GoldStone. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGKyXdW74vU

If the steps above donot solve this , video tutorial will easily solve this. If you still have any doubts do write them in the comments.