I am new to unity and think that boo seems like the best language as it is very simple. Anyone know a good tutorial?

I read the boo primer and wanted to know if there were any good tutorials to learn boo for unity. I would just use unity script reference but there is no support for boo. Is there a way to get to that page?

Boo is going to be deprecated as well as UnityScript (which was built on top of Boo code) due to the lack of use of them (3% of the projects).

I know that those both are easier languages and more readable than C#, I started using UnityScript and then after a few coding, I realize the there was some functionalities missing compared to develop for Unity using C# so I started to learn C# and how to use it with Unity.

If you don’t want to break your head learning this language you can try GameMaker, their programming language is very simple and very similar to Boo/UnityScript.
If you decide to take the challenge there are plenty of tutorials to start developing with Unity using C#. Check the ones on the official website or Google a bit.