I am unsure why but my game keeps freezing and it started when I added text to my screen

Basically what the title said; When I added text then when I pressed play the game crashed. I tried fixing it by removing everything I added before but it still froze. I am unsure what could trigger this. I know it isn’t an endless loop because I don’t have any loops in my game. What are possible things that could trigger this?

Unity usually catches things that will break it, at least for me, but I am not good at coding so i break things alot <.<
Be sure to look at the Console for ouput of errors like Unrefrenced objects and such. But as HellsHand said its kinda hard to find a cause without seeing it. If you removed/deleted something they might have created conflicts with other parts that wasent changed. Such as calling for a variable that you deleted the command setting it up might cause it to crash as its looking for something that dosent exist or is getting something its not expecting.
You can try closing Unity and VisualStudio or other editor your using, and reload them both to make sure its useing the right code. Can also open the Project folder in explorer, and delete all the Meta files to force it to refresh/reload everything from scratch.
Another option, as I found out the hard way this morning for that matter is for loops can cause it to seem to hang indef.
In a sence a For loop like for(uint x=0; x < 10000000000; x++) { dosomething; }
will seem to have crashed when it tries to run it, because it wont ‘continue’ till that loop finishes so no more Update() or otherwise till that process has finished so can look like its crashed or what not but its just stuck on a really large task.
Open TaskMananger in windows and see if its maxed out CPU forexample to see if it managed to get stuck in a loop.
You can in Unity Editor, click Window - Analysis - Profiler before you run it to try to see where its stuck at.