I broke my game with what i think is an infinite loop?

I’m new to Unity, and I was working on a script to control a fire. When the player is close, and the fire is off, player can light the fire by pressing f, when the fire is on, player can turn it off by pressing f. However, when I run the script, the game freezes and i have to restart my laptop to unfreeze it. Can someone explain what I did wrong and how to fix it?

code here

There are quite a few things wrong with your code. Can you explain why are you running a for loop upto 100?

And it is an infinite loop, and “GetKey” means it will return true every frame while the key is pressed. You should be using “Getkeydown”.

try something like this:(there will be syntax errors, I typed on my phone)

bool canControlFire;

onTriggerEnter - canControlFire=true; (you can turn on the text hint here)
ontriggerExit - canControlFire = false;(you can turn off the text hint here)

void Update(){
if(fire.isActiveInHiearchy) // is fire active?

First of all, use GetKeyDown or GetKeyUp instead of GetKey which returns true the entire time the key is pressed.
Secondly don’t us Coroutines for this - just do it all in Update(). In OnTriggerEnter set a boolean called e.g. playerIsNear to true and set it to false in OnTriggerExit.
The in Update,

if ((playerIsNear) && (GetKeyUp(KeyCode.F))
  fireislit = !fireislit;