I can not instantiate Texture2D

For hearts in my game i have decided to instantiate a 2d texture using JavaScript. I’m using this code:

var HealthImg:Texture2D;
var Health:float=12;
function Start () {
 	for(var i:int=0;i<Health;i+=2){
		var HealthBox = Instantiate(HealthImg, Vector2(this.transform.position.x,this.transform.position.y),Quaternion.identity);
		HealthBox.name = "HealthBar " + i;

My Texture2D has these settings

I definitely have this “Heart” Texture2D on the objects script… is there something i’m missing?

Also. In case this is necessary, My player instantiates the object this script is on when i enter the scene and then that object instantiates the hearts. (probably not the best way to do it but i’m terrible at streamlining these things)

A Texture2D is not something that has a position or a rotation, it’s just an image. If you want to draw it, you need to put it on a mesh (using a material) or use it with some kind of GUI object. Neither of which requires instantiating the texture.