I can not set a orientation in a build setting.

I have a problem.

I would like to chage option about a device orientation.
But I am not able to do it.

I can just see this words.
“This setting is overridden by Virtual Reality Support”

What sloud I do?

“Virtual Reality Supported” is a checkbox in PlayerSettings (in the Other Settings category).

Try unchecking it.

In the event the above answers do not work… (as they didn’t for me)
Putting the inspector view into “debug” mode, then scrolling down to find the property “PLATFORM”::VR::enable and check off the platforms you don’t need.
PLATFORM of course being things like PS3, Android, IOS, Standalone, etc…

My project builds for both Non VR, and VR on PC, and for Non VR on iOS and Android. But regardless of unchecking VR support, or removing the VR sdk’s, my orientation options would never come back to me on the mobile side without doing this.