I can run the Unity3D Game through XCode, but can't run it directly through iPad.

I meet a strange problem today. Basically I can install and run my Unity3D in a iOS device through XCode (that generated by Unity3D iOS version). But when I tap the application directly through my iPad/iPhone, it will show the loading screen and then crash (back to the iPad/iPhone interface).

I really don't have any idea why this happend? Can some one help me??

My Unity3D version:

Unity3D Pro iOS 3.1

My iPad version:

iOS 4.2

I found a thread where someone else cleared up a similar problem by changing Xcode settings: http://www.iphonedevsdk.com/forum/iphone-sdk-development/30834-app-only-crashes-while-not-debugging.html

Basically he had a pointer to a deallocated object somewhere, but the Xcode setting NSZombie kept the object around in order to try and detect such problems.

If a vanilla Unity project generated such a problem it is probably a bug you want to submit to them, along with your project demonstrating the problem. But if you've gone in and edited the Objective-C code for some reason then look first at your edits; you might not be retaining an object that you need to.

Another tip is to look at the logs your app generates on the device. You should see them when you look at your iPad in the Organizer window. That may help you figure out where its crashing.

I have the same issue at times but have found that by changing the arm under the Targets and in the main Unity iPhone xcode project I'm able to get it to work. Also this post in the Unity forum might help. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/68443-Trying-to-build-only-for-armv6-causes-a-EXC_BAD_ACCESS

The problem is this: if your App is big in size, Xcode kills your App due to the delay in loading it. Read the paragraph “Game runs fine when launched from Xcode and crashes on first level load when launched manually on the device” on this link:http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Manual/android-troubleshooting.html