I can see through a character model and see its other parts when the material is transparent

I find it difficult to describe this problem, so it may have been answered before, but essentially, when the material is set to be transparent, I can see through the character model and see its other parts. In this case, I’m looking down from the shoulder and I can see the character model’s leg and arm as shown in the picture.
I made sure that all face normals are facing outwards in Blender, so for all I know this might be the default behaviour. If that’s the case, is it possible to modify the shader so that the parts which should be covered by closer body parts aren’t visible (in this case the leg and arms wouldn’t be visible)?

In the materials section in the inspector, at the top make sure the materials you are using are Opaque Rendering Mode. That should resolve your issue.

Sadly, I need it to be Transparent or Fade, as my intention is to have this model disappear over time.