I can´t get the value of a static var - strange


I am new in this and I don´t understand why this is happening.

I made 2 JS and I want 2 of the values to be copied to one script, the thing is that only one of the values are copied!! and both are the same type… I don´t undestand…

On JS: Boton

static var velocidad : float;
static var velCambio : float;

function Start () {
	velocidad = 3.0;
	velCambio = 1.0;

On JS: CuboI

var velocidad = Boton.velocidad; //speed
var velCambio = Boton.velCambio;  //speed of image change

Please, can you explain me why only variable “velCambio” is properly copied??


try to not use static.

it isnt used in actionscript for unity.