I cannot even make a cube

Just got Unity, trying out the program for 30 days. on video 4 it talks about how to parent objects , the probem is I can't even see the cube I'm trying to insert, it's as if it's not even there, it appears as though it has no dimensions whatsoever. The same with all the other game objects. on the video it looks fairy elementary, but Imust be an idiot, or I've forgotten to do something really simple.

Hmm... To create a cube, go to the GameObject menu in the toolbar, followed by Create Other, and select "Cube". To parent, do the same thing again to create a second cube. Then, assuming you know where the Hierarchy panel is, drag the first cube onto the second cube in the Hierarchy view. That parents it. Hope this helps!

EDIT: If you still can't see the cube in your main view, select it in the Hierarchy view, move your mouse over the main view, and press 'f' (focus).

What section are you not seeing the Cube in? If it's the Editor window, then follow @elbon96's advice. If it's the Game window, then make sure that a) you have a Camera, and b) the Camera is pointed at the Cube, which is in range, etc.

(And on the off-chance you imported a 3D model asset, check if the Scale is 0.01, and make it larger).

I honestly am having the same issue. I don’t see the cube at all on the scene portion of unity. I see it on the game portion. I have created cubed but cant edit[133143-sample.pdf|133143]