I cannot find MonoDevelop.exe,I cannot find Monodevelop

Whenever I try to open a script to edit it opens a notepad. I have gone into Edit>Preferences but there is no option to use MonoDevelop as the default. I looked through the files of Unity in Local Disk (C:)/Programs/Unity and there is no MonoDevelop.exe. I’ve downloaded Microsoft.NET and the Gtk# and I even downloaded MonoDevelop from their website. Somehow there is still no MonoDevelop.exe. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Unity several times and ran the Installer as an Administrator and still there is no Monodevelop. I’m very, very confused and could use some help.,Whenever I try to open a script in the Unity Editor it pulls up a Notepad. When i went to Edit>Preferences there was no option in the dropdown to use Monodevelop as the default. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Unity, I’ve installed Windows.Net and the #GTX thing, I’ve even installed MonoDevelop and there is no MonoDevelop.exe. I’m very confused and can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Unity doesn’t use MonoDevelop anymore. Visual Studio is the default editor. You should have had the option to install it when you installed Unity. You can probably get monodevelop from the the project page, and set mono as a custom editor.