I cannot get my animation to play, help?

Beginner here. I have a custom model/rig from Maya, and I have created a simply Idle with it. But I cannot get the animation to play. The imported animation plays in the inspector, and during run-time the animator seems to be looping it, but I see nothing in screen or in game.

Here is a screenshot of some of my basic settings, but also a package with my scene and model which may be more helpful.

Package link: DinoPlayerSetup_help1.unitypackage - Google Drive

If you are trying to move the character with an animation that is set for another character, you will need to google it(I can’t help with that one), but if it won’t run at all, it might not have an animator skeleton to run the animation. To fix this, watch IHeartGameDev’s tutorials on animating characters. this should help, but it relies on your character having an armature. you will need to add one to your character in blender or whatever modeling software.

I hope this helps.