I cannot hide parts of a player with layers because It hides completely (all player)


well I use that model for my player: (It’s downloaded from another web) Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life (you need to edit it for know what I mean)

But I need help because, if I hide for example Male Character → Reference → Hips → Spine → Spine1 → Spine2 → LeftShoulder (using a layer for that part of the body and later I uncheck it from the Culling masks of my camera)

The player still shows left shoulder… So what can I do?

I can’t hide MALE_LOD0/1/2, because it hides all player… What is that? Which is its function?

Thanks in advance.

PD: You need to download the player model…

PD: The question is: How can I show only the arms of the player??

Your player is probably a skinned mesh, so your whole player is one single mesh. You can’t hide some parts of it. You just put the bones on a seperate layer which does nothing to the actual mesh. The bones are just used to skin the mesh.

If you want to hide parts of your player, you would need seperate meshes or write a special shader which you can feed an alpha mask texture. However the shader approach wouldn’t be that easy to implement i guess.