I cannot store data into PlayerPrefs after a certain amount of data

I am currently using ArrayPrefs2 and I am saving about 256 times 256 times 6 Vector3 Values.
Just to say there was talk about no limitations in PlayerPrefs but I will propably have to say that there is one after a certain point. I will certainly use another approach to store high amounts of data but I just would like to know what you think about it. Did you run into any limits of data storage?

On Windows the PlayerPrefs is stored in the registry. Microsoft recommends any data more than about 2 KB be stored in a separate file outside of the registry. That would suggest it isn’t designed to dump 256x256x6 vector3’s into.

If you need to save large amounts of data to the hard disk, you shouldn’t be using PlayerPrefs (and arguably you shouldn’t use PlayerPrefs to save anything aside from, well, player preferences).

There’s a few ways to do this. This official unity live training video goes over using one of them, C#'s Binary Formatter.