I can't add grass on my terrain

Hello I try to add a custom grass i made in photoshop ( 1024x1024 .png) and I can see my brush on my terrain but when I click to paint grass Unity gets a little laggy but no grass appears

GIF of me trying to draw grass

Also in my details panel i have this error showing :

I’m also using HDRP i don’t know if there is a link but…

Thank you so mush for any help you could bring me,


You need Faind GrassShadders

Look In It can Halp Unity Fix Terrain Grass - YouTube

thank’s i’ll check that :slight_smile:

Here is more details on my project

The grass mesh details : Screenshot - 8fed9bc076e31919b2740cceebcdf4ac - Gyazo

The terrain settings details : Screenshot - 689e8eed9ee093705060dda7551e16aa - Gyazo

I found that grass on terrain do not work with HDRP, i tried with LWRP and it works fine
thank’s for your help :slight_smile: