I can't apply a texture to my terrain

Here is what I tried:

  • Start new project
  • Go to asset store and download terrain textures - import them:
  • Create terrain
  • Use the ‘Raise or Lower Terrain’ tool to make hills
  • Change to paint texture
  • Edit Terrain Layers…
  • Create layer
  • Select terrain

At this point I thought the texture was supposed to apply but it doesn’t. It has in the past but won’t do it now. I tried on a different computer with a new project and the same thing happens.

If I go to terrain settings → Basic Terrain → Material, and try to choose a material, none of the textures show up in the list.

Yeah, I have this exact same problem. in the earlier versions the texture applied automatically but, now you have to put your brush size and opacity to something big and paint it manually.
Here’s a link to someone asking the exact same question:


Hope I helped!