I can't assign new UI sliders to variable slots in 4.6.2f1

I need to assign 2 sliders to variable slots to control them by script. I want to get the current volume of sound and music and set the position of the slider accordingly. I have done this successfully before.

The problem is that when I drag and drop the sliders to the variable slots (that are exposed in the component script ) they don’t assign.

I have made a new scene in the same project and the assignment still doesn’t work.

I have made a new project and everything works as it should. I can drag and drop to assign in a clean project.

Other UI and components assign/work fine. It’s just the sliders and just in this project, regardless of the script that they are in.

Previous sliders are still assigned, But no sliders are showing up in the browser that appears when you click on the dotInsideCircle to the right of “None (Slider)”.

I was having this problem in Unity 5.4.0f3, and in case anyone is looking for a solution and comes across this (or if you are still having this problem) I had to rename one of my scripts. If you have a “Slider” script, Unity will use that instead of the UnityEngine.UI. My Slider script happened to contain definitions for many of the same things as the UnityEngine.UI (for sliders at least) so it took me quite a while to figure it out. Anyway, best of luck, hope you have solved this before now.

Select the slider and scroll down to the Events section, ten drag the music object in and select Audio.Volume. Done!

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