I can't create JavaScript

If i right click and i click create i don’t have JavaScript. What to do?

UnityScript support has been dropped in the latest Unity version. You have to use C# from now on.

It’s time to stop using Javascript (a.k.a UnityScript) in Unity.

It’s been with us since Unity 1.0, but its time is finally coming: we have begun the deprecation process for UnityScript, the JavaScript-like scripting language available as an alternative to C# in Unity today.

See this article: UnityScript’s long ride off into the sunset

Actually JavaScript Still works they just took out the button to create it inside unity if you go to the file explorer and create a text document then change the text extention to be js instead of a text file it will recognize it as a java script file instead then in the files place it in the unity game your working on and it will work with java script then. js is the file extention for Java Script.