i cant do switch platform build step 3 with the fps microgame

i took my picture in the game and now i have to switch the platform and build and it says “select WebGL in the platform listing.” then it says “click switch platforms” i clicked WebGL and then switch platforms, but nothing happens. how do i fix this?

Is the ‘Switch Platform’ button grayed out? Do you have the WebGL module installed?
Open Unity Hub and check your install. If you need WebGL, click the three dots on the right and add it.

I’m running Unity Hub Version 3.6.1 which comes has Unity Editor 2022.3.14f1. The Editor is incompatible with the Microgame Tutorials; ie they are not listed. I’ve installed Unity Editor 2020.3.48f1 which shows the Microgames, I’ve reached the Build and Publish Section. Cannot proceed because 2020.3.48f1 only shows macOS, no WebGL like 2022.3.14f1, and clicking the Gear icon only shows Reveal in Finder and Remove from Hub. no … menu. Add Module does show up in 2022.3.14f1.

How do I get webGL installed for 2020.3.48f1? or are there newer tutorials that don’t use Microgames?