i cant download anything from the asset store

hey there i have a problem with the asset store when i try to download something and i press the button “open in unity” nothing happens…i have unity 4 installed on and working good but still i cant open anything…is there another way to download the packages???

thanks for the help


I had this same problem the first time I used unity, untilI logged in
on this page https://store.unity3d.com/sign_in using
my ** WEB BROWSER** then open asset store from within unity.

Edit/Project settings/Player in inspektor panel - other settings and uncheck
Use Direct3D 11”. Restart Unity 3D and enjoy. : D

I had similar problem with Unity 5 (it was fine with 4) on macOS. The following worked for me: The penguin and the apple: Unity Asset Store issue (Updated)

many steps are missed for newbees

  1. open and login in to unity
  2. create a new project
  3. web browser open unity site
  4. select asset store
  5. select asset and open in unity
  6. i think this is where it it adds asset store window (in unity NOT web browser)
  7. select in unity asset store windows (Import)

Hope this helps (windows version)