I cant edit materials on the new Unity 2018.2.13 how do i fix that?

the material settings are gray and i cant edit them in the new update

how do i edit materials on the new unity version?

I have the same issue on 2018.3.0f2 Personal
Just starting to research the solution.

thx,I have this issue also, just starting the search for a solution
unity 2018.3.0f2 Personal

Hm. It seems there might be a solution for some here:

My problem is that I am not importing assets, unity is. I create a unity project then quit. Copy model.obj and texture.png files into the project Assets folder, then restart unity.

This workflow was the result of some research on an earlier version and seemed to be the only way the model would import correctly.

I need to be able to edit the material because some polygons have alpha texture on them, but they import as opaque.

Is there some global import setting that I can flag the import to use legacy shaders?

And why would that be an issue - nobody is allowed to edit materials/shaders anymore??