I can't find any rooms on a game I'm collaborating on

I recently shared a game via Github to a friend. We’ve been working on it a few days and everything’s working perfectly except for the fact that we can’t find each others games (rooms).

I’m using uNet as a base, we’re in the same company in the Unity Multiplayer dashboard and we’ve confirmed that we’re using the same game ID.

One theory I had was that it’s because we’re both developing on the same game that we can’t find each other, that every Dev has their own 20 CCPs and can’t mix with other Devs CCPs to make sure everyone can test their own version correctly.

Whatever the reason, how can we get it so se can find each others games?

Kind regards,
Richard Muthwill

PS. “Strange IoC” was literally the only Topic I could choose when publishing this question…

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