I can't find my asset store purchase and haven't gotten a receipt

I just bought two things from the asset store earlier today. My card got a fraud alert so I spoke with my bank and after waiting a while in between I attempted the purchase again. I went through a couple fraud alerts for a while, until my bank unblocked the block they had on purchases from the site. Then I attempted this purchase again, only for it to come up saying the purchase was denied and I should try another card. So I dialed my bank again, and it turns out the purchase went through on their end and that it must be unity. I’ve been waiting a couple hours hoping something would pop up in my assets, but it hasn’t and it seems I haven’t received a receipt from unity though it comes up on my banks end. Any ideas about how to fix this? Or even prove to unity I had purchased it before the sale had ended? Since I have a feeling I’ll eventually get refunded in two weeks time just to have to pay extra.

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