I can't find " skyboxes " assest ? unity 5

window → lighting → scene. set all u wants.

A lot of these answers are useful information but don’t actually answer the OP’s question. They aren’t asking how to set up a skybox - they’re saying they can’t find the them at all.

There is no longer a Skybox package in Unity 5, so you won’t be able to import them the way you used to in previous versions (Assets>Import Package).

If you a skybox, you’ll need to make your own, visit the asset store or find them on other websites.

This is a good alternative though - it includes 5 different skyboxes and lighting to match them (and it’s free!).

There is an example in the SampleScenes that come with the standard assets. You will find a Procedural materal in ~/Assets/SampleScenes/Materials/SkyboxProcedural and the shader in ~/Assets/SampleScenes/Shaders/Skybox-Procedural.

You can still create Skyboxes with defining a Material(Project->Right Click->Material), define the shader to the skybox type you want(6 Sided, Cubemap, Procedural) and have your way with it. The images that came with the assets before seem to be missing for the 6 sided shader. You can lift those from a previous version or you can get any number of free skybox assets.

example: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

Skyboxes now seem to be implemented through Skyboxes shader.

Make a new material. Select shader from Skyboxes Category.

Options are : 6 Sided, Cubemap, procedural

Click a GameObject and Add Component, Rendering → Skybox to add the Custom Skybox Component to use this material based skybox.

in C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor\Standard Packages

but you need fix the alpha in the textures, go to the project panel /Standard Assets/Skyboxes/
select one sybox and


that´s all