I can't find Terrain Menu in Unity 4.3

I’ve just got a new laptop and installed the latest version 4.3 for win of Unity3D. The OS is win8 by the way.

The thing is there’s no Terrain Item on the top menu bar where I can set resulotion and other attributes of terrain. It goes Windows after Componenets which should be Terrain in the original. I’m wondering if it’s some kind of campatible problem, or Unity put it somewhere else in the new version. Can somebody help me out of that?

Since Unity 4.x, the Terrain options have been in the Inspector pane - here:


Find in GameObject> CreateOther > Terrain.

Like always GameObject–>create other–>terrain.
Select the terrain to get the terrain menu.


GameObject/Createother/terrian and then down there is a file named new terrian scroll down its inspector and you can see the resolution portion…

find the Inspector tab and next to that there is a lock and three horizontal lines. click the horizontal lines and select the Normal instead of debug and you will see the Terrain Tools. See picture