I can't find the Assets/Build AssetsBundle

Hi, guys.

I’m using Unity 2020.1.13f1 with macOS 11.2.1.

I added the Bundles for two scenes, but then I can’t find the “Assets/Build AssetsBundle”. Do I need to install something I’m missing? I checked on the Package Manager but I didn’t find anything related to Bundles.

I appreciate your help.


Hello, guys. I found the solution.

There aren’t many tutorials about the most updated tools of Unity related to this matter. You need to download this package.

It won’t be like the previous one. In this case, once you move the package to your project, remove the demo folder that will spawn some errors. And then, Windows/Asset Bundle Browser. Inside you will find the Bundles you created and then you have the option of Build.

This is a lot more complete than the usual tutorial you’ll find on the Internet. Maybe I’ll make my own later.

I hope this will help for the moment.