I can't find the first person controller.

Hi there! A few hours ago i installed the free version of unity from your page.I watched some videos on youtube just to learn a few things about it.I found that to be able to walk and interact with the map that you created you must have a folder named ‘First person controller’.The problem is that i don’t have this folder.I can’t find it! I searched and nothing happended! Please help without the first person controller i can’t do anything with unity.

Hey darthvader9714,

Your post sounds like you are hoping that the developers of Unity will answer this question for you! Most of us are Unity users from the (great) community. I would advise that you start with a few tutorials from the Unity website instead of YouTube. There are a few good ones here. As for the location of the first person controller, You can add that into any pre-existing game by going to the menu in Unity and selecting Assets>Import Package>Character Controller. It will list a lot of different types. Go ahead and load them all for now. I think the folder that the tutorial is asking you to go to was one that you needed to create, since Unity will by default put the First Person Controller into a folder named Character Controllers.

When you start a new project, you will be given the option to load some default packages as well, including the Character Controller.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘how to create a character’, follow these steps :

  • Create a new project

a/ tick character controller , then click ‘Create’

or b/ if already in a project, select Assets > Import Package > Character Controller , then in a the pop-up window click ‘Import’

  • In the Project window, expand Standard Assets > Character Controllers

  • Drag and drop ‘First Person Controller’ into the Hierarchy window.

  • Set it’s position to 20 , 1 , 20

  • Now add a terrain. Select Terrain > Create Terrain.

  • Now add a light. In the Hierarchy window, select Create > Directional Light

  • Now hit Play =]

You should be walking around and looking in a world you just created ! Edit the terrain (search unity terrain tutorials)

hierachy is on the left of your unity screen, it shows what you have in your game, chill.