I cant find this anywhere

Ive been stressing over very small things alot & now i have been lost for hours.... I use Maya to model & animate. I create a ball,

My Problem in detail:

  1. I set keyframe 1 with ball in position A.
  2. I go to keyframe 8 and set ball in position B located above position A.
  3. I click Play Ball moves from position A to Position B without any problems. Now this is where I get mad.
  4. After many hours of learning to model, I model a character.
  5. I create all the joints, Bind them to skin of character, clean it up with weight painting tool. THEN
  6. I set joints and character model in keyframe 1 in position A.
  7. I go to keyframe 8 & rotate characters arm joint into position B
  8. I Press play and.... NOTHING HAPPENS!

Character stays in Position B It has not saved its keyframe 1 position, I simply cannot animate the joints. Now i was working on many different details in animation creating his idol stance which involves the chest breathing and alot more spent 10 minutes or more doing this and it didn't animate.

Please somebody answer the answer is not on google its nowhere and im sure somebody here has experience with animating the characters joints.

Nevermind i can sort of see whats wrong, i can only animate one thing this is a relief, theres probably an easier way to do this but, aslong as im doin something now im happy

this is not a unity question, but here is your answer: select all the joints. go to frame 1 and set a key on everything. click the auto-key button to "on" which is the little symbol that looks like a key on the bottom right of the ui. now you can simply move/rotate anything and it will automatically set a key for you.

auto keyfra....damn beat me to it :)

also if you haven't make sure you put control handles on your rig to make animating a heck of a lot easier, animating with just a skeleton is a nightmare. check 3dbuzz for tutorials on that or highend3d etc.