I can't get any type of joystick to move my player

For the past 3 weeks I’ve watched YouTube tutorials on how to make a joystick, but none of them show how to connect it to any character. I’ve tried standard assets but it also doesn’t work. Is there anyway to make a joystick like the one Last Day on Earth or other games has with Event Triggers using OnPointerUp ,OnPointerDown and OnDrag. And then take the position of it and make my player move with the joystick. Please any help would be appreciated I’m really getting tired of not being able to make my characters move with a joystick.

Check what joystick buttons you have using this free controller tester asset

Then on your script use input.getkey or getkeycode scripts to get inputs from your controller and move your character’s transform

Or you could add a Boolean value for when using joystick to trigger those onpointer up or down functions for movement