I can't get Debug.Log to work at all.

I can’t get and have never been able to get a Debug.Log comment to show in the Console. I’ve looked through as many answers as I can and have exhausted all the suggestions. Up until now, I’ve managed without them, but I really need to figure out what I’m doing wrong so I can start using them.

I already have:

-made sure to attach the script to an active gameobject.

-made sure the script runs.

-put my Debug.Log line in the Update() function and not within any if statements.

-closed the console, then reopened it while the game plays.

-made sure that collapse is not turned on.

-made sure clear-on-play and error-pause are not turned on.

Debug.Log comments do not appear BUT I can see the number next to the exclamation point go from zero to 999+ in the console (if collapse is turned off). So I believe Unity is registering that I want Debug.Log comments, but it is not putting them in the console. No Debug comments appear in the lower bar of the window either. I’ve looked at Edit > Preferences but there does not seem to be anything related to Debug in there.

This is the script I’ve been using to try to get Debug to work:

function Start () {


function Update () {



Are the filter toggles set to on in the title bar?

Edit for clarity - these things:

Thank you so much. Love you for this. Had a headache finding the solution