I can't get my gamepad joysticks to work properly in game

When I have “Get motion from all joysticks” selected, my right analog stick works as intended, but when I move the left stick left to right, it moves my camera up and down. And I tried changing the Joystick setting from “Get motion from all joysticks” to fix it, but none of the joysticks I select are my right analog stick. Joystick 1 works with the right analog stick, but the left stick messes it up again. I guess “Joystick 1” really means “gamepad 1”, but in that case, how come my left joystick also affects my 3rd and 4th axes, which are what my right stick uses? All I want is my left stick to move and my right stick to look, but what I’m getting is my right stick looks, and my left stick moves, but looks up when I strafe right and looks down when I strafe left.

Edit: For whatever reason, I had to simply change my axes to axis 3 and axis 5. Axis 4 seems to throw everything out of whack. Well, my problem is solved, but I guess if anyone else has this problem, this could help?

In response to what you said, thats actually because Axis 3 is one directional axis of one joystick, as in the X axis of left stick (left to right) and axis 4 is the Y axis of the left stick. to get second joystick to work you need 2 more axis for its X and Y, hence why changeing it to axis 5 worked. Hope that helps :slight_smile: