I can't move in me game

When i try to move the progam says :

< RI.Hid > Failed to read input report:

Please help me i don't know what the do

You need to add a Character Controller to be able to move.

If you use Unity 3.0 this is called "First Person Controller" or Third Person Controller"

You find this in "Standard Assets --> Character Controllers" or "Standard Assets --> Prefabs"

Have the same problem with my Saitek P480 controller. For me it only occurs when it's unplugged while the editor is running but restarting it removes the error message from the console. Beside that I have experienced a few problems with D-pad and the analog stick using unity but I haven't looked into it really. Guess the error could come up cause of your keyboard too but hopefully restarting solves it.

Also don't take this as offence but you might need to do sg. as simple as Ludde said.