I can't move my player ball in game mode in Unity.

Hey There,

Yes, I am a rookie on Unity game engine but to me, this problem is strange, and it is even stranger because I have been following a tutorial of how to make a Roll-A_Ball game. http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/roll-a-ball/moving-the-player

In this instance, I have attached a Csharp script, following the examples of the tutorial video to make my ball move on the groundplane… However, for whatever reason, I can’t move the ball in game mode. I don’t think there are spelling mistakes in the script either. Here is the attached image to see my working situation. I have been using the variable of rigidbody. Add Force, using the Input.Get Axis to control the ball’s movement.

If anyone can help, especially since I am still a low rank question user, then I would be super grateful and also help others if they had a similar problem too.

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Are you sure you set speed to some value?