I cant open any script please help!

If i double click it just says “Unable to open Assets/NewBehaviourScript.cs: Check external application preferences” What do i need to do? I have Windows 7.

Not seen this before but here are some suggestions:

  1. Check your settings and see if you
    are setup to use MonoDevelop(built
    in) here: Preferences > External
    Tools > External Script Editor
  2. Also have you been moving your files
    around outside of Unity using
    Windows Explorer? That can cause
    problems as well.
  3. Also check this post out:
    Unable to open Assets/xxxxx.fbx: Check external application preferences - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Hope it helps!

I have the sane problem and I need serious help. I was just about to finish by first program in unity. Please help! I tried following the rabbit trail through preferences but it didn’t work. Plz help!