I cant register the free unity version

Hello! I'm a noob in game creation and i wonder why i must register the software to use it at all? This is a problem Becuse i dont have an internet connection! I got this software from a friend and writing this on my phone. In the registration "browser" (the thing That comes up when you click on the unity-icon!) you can choose to do it online or offline, and there is the place when the problem begins: if i got it right i must send a file With E-mail. But the only way i can do this is my mobilephone, but i cant send files with it. What should i do? I really want to start make games and this engine is modern, powerfull and used by many! Bye // Bassemann

They're giving it away for free, but the caveat is you have to register.

See this question: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/4500/how-do-i-manually-register-unity

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