I can't see any objects

I can’t see any of my objects (as solid or wireframe) in either the scene or game views (but am able to see them through my camera when I hit play.
I’m new to Unity and am wondering if I installed Unity incorrectly, or perhaps the graphics card in my laptop (Dell Studio XPS)isn’t supported.

Try double clicking on the name of an object within the Hierarchy pane. It should move the editor camera where you will have a full view of the object; if you are able to see everything in ‘play’ mode, you shouldn’t have any issues with the graphics card in your laptop.

Sounds almost like you have layers on your objects that are ignored by your game camera. If you already tried to restart Unity, check your layers. Its more of a guess but maybe there is a setting on the game camera just like there is on a normal camera that allows you to ignore layers. If that does not work, you can select all the elements in your project, export it as a package and try to import it into a new project to see if that helps.

These are all guesses.