I cant see my images in canvas,canvas layering problem

I cant see my images in canvas. I tried to do a bar which has to show my current jump value but when i start a game i cant see it. Sorry for my english.

,Sorry for my english skills. I have a problem with my Images in canvas because when i start the game i cant see them. I tried to do a bar which had to show my current jump value.

Make sure your text isn’t too small, that its on screen, and its easy to see with your background. If you have done all of that, and it still doesn’t work, find the canvas in which your UI elements are children of, go to the canvas component, find the Sort Order, and set it to something high like 10, and slowly decrease that number until you have found when it disappears, and the number right before it disappears is the number you want to set it at.

If that doesn’t work, I’m sorry. I don’t know how else to fix it.
Hope this helps you, and sorry for the jumbled answer.

If the bar your talking about is the green rectangle in the image, your issue is that it is not actually in the canvas’ view, its down and to the left of it. As far as I know, anything you want visible in the canvas has to be in the large rectangle to the upper right of your image. Based on the positioning though I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you want it to follow your player. If that’s the case you would be better off using a sprite not a UI object. How to make a Health Bar (Unity 2D Tutorial for Beginners) - YouTube has a good tutorial on how to accomplish this.