I can't see my terrain!

I downloaded unity 3 from unity.com and when i go to Terrain > Create Terrain, I can't see the terrain! It's just blank!

If you need more details, just ask!

Ok look in your hierachy, select the terrain than move your mouse without clicking anything to your view than press "f"

I hope this works !

Or even try just double clicking the terrain in the hierachy view. This will bring it up.

i figured it out, thx people!

What did you do? I'm stuck too! Keep in mind I am a total noob and just downloaded this.

i need help! whenever i create a new terrain nothing happens i cant find where the terrain is. when i first downloaded i was able to carve out mountains and stuff but then whenever i try to make new terrains i cant find them and its making me mad!

Ensure all your layers are selected in the layers dropdown box at top right of your the Unity environment.

See this: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/83885-Can-t-Get-Started-No-camera-Not-able-to-create-terrain

In the Layers button top right corner, make sure ‘default’ is selected.