I can't see the cursor in Unity.

Today I opened Unity 4.5 and the cursor was invisible. I can still click thing in the Unity Editor but I can’t actually see the cursor, making it very hard to click things within the Editor. Anybody have a solution?

Thanks in Advance!

For the one who have this issue:

No mouse pointer in unity ever.

This can be cased by your real-time scanning function of your antivirus program.
I can confirm that mcafee realtime scan gives you 2 issues:

  • System.UnauthorizedAccessException to Temp dll.mdb (which is properly the case of this)
  • No mouse pointer in unity (not in editor nor when running a game, no coding)

Just to clarify, this error causes the mouse pointer to disappear all time. It does not matter if you start a new project, just installed unity 4 to 5 or opening a existing project.


  • Just disable your real-time scanning option on your antivirus program

There is also another silly option to solve that.I accidentally set the icon image for default cursor and I couldn’t understand the problem you better check that it may be helpful.

When I use the touchscreen to open a project my cursor turns invisible.