I cant seem to get the Probuilder menu to show up?,Pro Builder Window not appearing

I cant seem to get the probuilder menu to show up (see image)

,Can some one help me here Im using probuilder but i cant seem to open the pro builder menu I dont have the option. Any ideas? (see attachment)

Have someone give you a Unity layout with the ProBuilder window open, put the layout file under C:/ Users/(your username)/AppData/Roaming/Unity/Editor-5.x/Preferences/Layouts. Once you have it in the folder, restart Unity and load the layout and the ProBuilder menu will appear. I tried it and it worked. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attach my layout file to the discussion.

This is the EXACT issue I’m running into and I’ve yet to see anyone else on the internet express it so clearly. @Guy258, do you have any other recommendations? Does anyone? Because the suggestion seems a bit unrealistic for virtually anyone outside of a classroom, your comment itself being a great demonstration as to why.