I can't select my new animation actions in the animator view

In my animator I have two boxes each with their own animations coming from my imported FBX character.


When I click in the motion box it shows me a list of all my animations. Whenever I click an animation it highlights it. But when I click my newly imported animation it highlights both the new and an old one.


When both of them are highlighted it only displays the first imported animation.

For example I have the pushing animation and the heavy strength animation. But if I click and select the motion field for the pushing animation and select pushing. Both it and heavy strength are highlighted but ONLY heavy strength shows up in the field. And the character only does heavy strength as the animation.

I tried making several copy animations to import but they keep getting highlighted too.
I set fake users for all the animations to try to fix it with no luck.
Reimporting didn’t work either.
Importing new animation adds them to the pile too, I can’t seem to get around this.

Is there any work around or tips that could get these two animations to not be selected at the same time?

Even though the problem shows on Unity’s side, I think I found the fix in Blender.

I duplicated both of the animations and deleted the original copies in Blender then went into Unity and reassigned them. Everything seems to be working fine now.