i cant transfer my transform.forward to another object

my rotation is (0,200,0).
when i create an object with my rotation(0,200,0)
the object aint move same way with me.

    Camera.main.networkView.RPC("getSpellTornado",RPCMode.All,tornadoEffect,transform.position + transform.forward*5, transform.rotation);

function getSpellTornado (Effect : float,Where : Vector3,directionn : Quaternion) {
var newTornado = Instantiate(Resources.Load("worlditems/tornado",Transform),Where,directionn);

and this is the tornado’s code

transform.Translate(transform.forward * Time.deltaTime * 10);

i want to move the tornado my trasnform.forward, but i dont understand why its going to wrong way.

Transform.forward is using the worldspace rotation, that means that whatever rotation you add to the gameobject wont affect the direction the gameobject is going.

you need to do it like this:

transform.translate(vector3.forward * time.deltatime);

shamelessly taken from here:


  • Kacer