I can't type ANYTHING in monodevelop after upgrade a project from unity 4.6.8f1 to 5.3.1f1

Well, I’m having this problem for some weeks. It started when i first upgraded a project from unity 4.6.8f1 to 5.3.1f1. When i created a NEW script (c# or javascript), i’m not able to type on it, but I can type in the other scripts . Also, if I use the previous version of MonoDevelop, i’m able to type again.
For exemple:
If I try to type “Vector3” on a new script, nothing will happen. The only “edit” I can make is select some lines and delete them.
But in an existing script, if I type “Vector3” will be writen normally in the code.

Im using mac os x. Never tested this on windows

Someone know what’s happening? Someone has the same issue?

I found this answer here. See the marked answer for details. Here is what I did:

  1. At the MonoDevelop, go to “Project > Solution Options, Version Control > General” and checkmark the “Disable Version Control.”
  2. Next, close that current script tab you’re using by clicking the X and then re-open it again.
  3. Now, you may type your character.

For more question, let me know it.